Adding a nose to VR reduces “simulator sickness”

virtual roller coaster gif

A study done at Purdue University’s Department of Computer Graphics Technology found that placing a nose in the lower center of a virtual reality headset’s screen can reduce the effects of simulator sickness by 13.5 percent.

Feeling a bit nauseous when experiencing virtual reality is a long-standing problem without a clear solution. This feeling is most likely caused by a conflict between what your eyes see and the motion your body feels. When your eyes see that you are moving a particular way but your body doesn’t feel the same thing, your body can get a bit annoyed – causing you to feel a bit odd as a result. Since the “seeing” is more and more realistic with virtual reality, this feeling is more common with virtual reality as opposed to a realistic video game played on a t.v.

Now if they can just get the nose shading just right . . .