Mark Zuckerberg on the uses of Oculus VR

Mark Zuckerberg on what he thinks the primary applications of the Oculus VR headset will be:

“The reason we’re excited in this space is the continued progression of people getting richer and richer ways to share what’s on their mind. Ten years ago it was text. Now it’s mostly visual and photos, then primarily video and we’re seeing huge growth there, but that is not the end of the line. Immersive 3D content is the obvious next thing after video.”

Interesting to think about how VR within Facebook might look. One application I can envision would be someone posting a virtual reality video (I’ll call it a “VR”) of their wedding reception and their friends can put on  their own virtual reality headset and experience it. Those without a virtual reality headset will watch it more like a traditional video.

Architects first reaction to experiencing VR

Awesome story posted on Reddit about some architects reaction to their first use of an Oculus Rift: Architects I work for just gave the best reactions I’ve ever seen in person.

“How is this already possible”, “I get it now, I’m so happy I didn’t put more bridges in the main hall”, “I can now finally see how important it is that this wall is yellow”, “I got to change that, amazing that I can finally see it”, “this opens so much to me”.

4 People in VR

A recent tweet on my twitter feed pointed out 4 influential people in VR: Nabeel Hyatt, Alex Taussig, Bilal Zuberi, and Darshan Shankar. I was curious about each of them, so did a bit of looking around. All four live in California. Here is a brief blurb on each of them:

Nabeel Hyatt

Nabeel has been in the startup space for quite some time. He is currently an investor at Spark Capital. Lives in San Francisco. He studied design and computer science. Co-founded Conduit, which was acquired by Zynga.

Alex Taussig

Currently a partner at Highland Capital. Studied physics, materials engineering, and business. Has been involved in a lot of hardware, computing, and deep tech companies.

Bilal Zuberi

Partner at Lux Capital. Studied philosophy. Big on education and students. Loves cricket.

Darshan Shankar

Has been a founder several times. Alumni of Y Combinator. Currently working on a virtual reality startup. Studied mathematics, computer science, and electric engineering. Into photography and ultimate frisbee.