4 People in VR

A recent tweet on my twitter feed pointed out 4 influential people in VR: Nabeel Hyatt, Alex Taussig, Bilal Zuberi, and Darshan Shankar. I was curious about each of them, so did a bit of looking around. All four live in California. Here is a brief blurb on each of them:

Nabeel Hyatt

Nabeel has been in the startup space for quite some time. He is currently an investor at Spark Capital. Lives in San Francisco. He studied design and computer science. Co-founded Conduit, which was acquired by Zynga.

Alex Taussig

Currently a partner at Highland Capital. Studied physics, materials engineering, and business. Has been involved in a lot of hardware, computing, and deep tech companies.

Bilal Zuberi

Partner at Lux Capital. Studied philosophy. Big on education and students. Loves cricket.

Darshan Shankar

Has been a founder several times. Alumni of Y Combinator. Currently working on a virtual reality startup. Studied mathematics, computer science, and electric engineering. Into photography and ultimate frisbee.