Using Oculus VR

While at the Tech Inclusion Conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I watched Clouds Over Sidra: A Virtual Reality film. There was an Oculus booth there and the Oculus team was kind enough to let visitors experience VR and use the equipment they had set up. I used Oculus Rift with a Samsung smartphone.

The film was great. Really eye opening. And such an amazing way to tell a story! Virtual reality adds a whole new feeling to a story. With virtual reality, a story becomes a visual experience.

Yet, the screen was pixelated so that took the “realness” (“presence” is the the industry term) down a notch. And the lack of peripheral vision and absence of my own body or hands when I looked down brought the realness down another notch.

Still really cool technology that I am so excited about, but I definitely left feeling a little underwhelmed.